What Money Can’t Buy

We take pride in all the terms we used to describe ourselves today. Millennials, Generation Z, 90’s baby and what not. Somewhere down the line we seemed to have lost sight of everything except the mere appearance of things. Today we are so bothered by what we wear, what holiday pictures are most aesthetically pleasing to our page and other such vain yet seemingly necessary aspects of life.

Today the lungs of our planet have been on fire for weeks, we talk a great deal about global warming and all the steps we should be taking, we watch several movies and shows that warn us of the same but how much are we actually doing about it. The loss of our most basic resources. the ones we absolutely cannot survive without have become nothing but a topic for motivation speeches and a base story for blockbuster films. Unfortunately for us, nothing has been able to push us out of our comfort zone and act on issues that are threatening our entire existence. Today, you google Amazon and despite of what’s happening there, the first page is full of links to the E-commerce site. If this doesn’t show how far behind our priorities have fallen, I don’t know what will.

As a community, we always come together in circumstances like these. We would collectively change our display pictures to rainbow, blue or black based on whatever is going on in the world at that point but how much of a difference is that making, what difference are you and I making.

It’s about time we step out of this superficial world we live in. Yes, it’s a flowery world inside your phone, everyone seems to be living their best life but what is the point if you don’t have somewhere to keep living this life you portray. None of the videos in the world or the influencers and activists screaming their lungs out can change anything unless we understand the gravity of the situation, we’re in and start doing something, anything that makes even a percent of the difference we need, we are headed to an end that is not just going to be ugly but heartbreaking.

All the beauty on this planet, all the life, everything that makes us what we are is on the verge of extinction because we took what we had for granted. No amount of money in the world will get you anywhere if its value amounts to nothing but the piece of paper it is, and we’re getting there. In case you haven’t heard already, our planet is running out of accessible water, towards the end the struggle to make it without that is going to be way more than what your wallet can measure.

Snap out of this bubble you’re in, do something for yourself, not for the people around, not for the world. Take one step for yourself, be selfish, try and safeguard your own future, the rest should fall into place.

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